Sustainability rooted in our culture.

Sustainable thinking and acting, only a recent point of focus for others, has been taken for granted by our business for over 60 years.

Since the founding of our company in Tramin, Tyrol, over 60 years ago, we have been producing innovative mowers. There by contributing to a sustainable agriculture, with a main focus on fruit farming and viticulture.
Our sustainable philosophy is also a trademark in the municipal sector, for example in the maintenance of public spaces or during the process of mulching roadsides and lawns. Fischer mowers give a pesticide-free contribution in all areas, for a natural, sustainable terrain and landscape maintenance.

To cite a few examples, we operate at airports, on open space photovoltaic plants as well as on horse riding tracks, all over the world.Our longstanding experience in mechanical engineering and the continuous developments and optimizations in technology, combined with the high quality and the long lifespan led Fischer mowers to national and global recognition.

Another particular feature of Fischer mowers is their ease of operation and handling. We have up to 550 different mowing machines, based on 30 reliable basic models, with a wide range of additional equipment for any area.
If you have any specific requirements you are in the right hands.
We spare no effort in making machines for your individual needs. Feel welcome to request our very personal counselling so that we can create the optimal mower for your specific requirements.

We are looking forward to you and to a sustainable future.

How everything started!

When Franz Fischer started creating mowing machines in 1956 he did not expect what huge developments the technology of those machines would undergo in the following years.

In 1977, his son Christian took over the company. His visionary way of thinking and his expertise in mechanical engineering have shaped the company since.

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And today!

The new headquarters have been established in Tramin, Italy. The corporate complex, built after the latest findings and highest technical standards, fully meets the sustainability criteria and the demanding standards of today’s market.

The whole complex was designed based on the ancient Indian architectural science of Vastu, which helps to create harmony between the individual psyche and our land, naturally including the use of ecological and sustainable materials. This concept also saves energy due to the orientation of the structure.

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Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself:

“The fischer mower has increased our efficiency and in an important weed management tool in our organic wineyard. Fischer has a great after sales support and advice. The mower is durable and reliable.“

Sam Statham Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd. / Australia

“Fischer is only a phonecall away and very quick to responde.“

Phillip Moraghan Curly Flat Vineyard / Australia

“Our vineyard floor mangagemennt would not be where it is today without fischer. It is a cornerstone in our approach to sustainable land management in a demanding enviroment.“

Craig Markbyl Vineyard Manager | CA Henschke & Co.

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