A satisfied customer is our daily mission.

Flexibility and variety together with quality and durability are trademarks of Fischer mowers. The continuous development and optimization of technologies led to national and global recognition of the Fischer “Know How“ in viticulture and fruit growing, in the municipal and in the sports sector.

All Fischer mowers are produced individually and following our customer’s requests with a tailored range of features. Day by day high quality mowing machines, which are also stable in value, are created by us and then used in a successful and sustainable way by our customers in over 45 countries.

Request your personal consultation before purchasing a Fischer mower.

To prepare your personal consultation we have prepared a questionnaire. It is of mutual help to define a couple of key features for your customized mower

“The fischer mower has increased our efficiency and in an important weed management tool in our organic wineyard. Fischer has a great after sales support and advice. The mower is durable and reliable.“

Sam Statham Rosnay Organic Wines Pty Ltd. / Australia

“Fischer is only a phonecall away and very quick to responde.“

Phillip Moraghan Curly Flat Vineyard / Australia

“Our vineyard floor mangagemennt would not be where it is today without fischer. It is a cornerstone in our approach to sustainable land management in a demanding enviroment.“

Craig Markbyl Vineyard Manager | CA Henschke & Co.