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Mower KIWI

Kiwi for the „V“-shaped plantations

/ Mower KIWI

Simply strong

The KIWI has been specifically designed for “V“-shaped terrains, which can be found mostly in kiwi plantations. Thanks to a well built input unit and an elaborated hydraulic system, the mower perfectly adapts to irregular or inclined terrain.

The KIWI comes in three different models and is defined by its light and flat design, which prevents demaging any low-hanging fruit.

The counter-rotating blades enable the well-known cut image of Fischer mowers – even in a vertical position. Additionally, it allows to cut the grass of a plantation row in one go!

This invention offers Fischer customers a highly professional and qualitative device. It can also be used in fruit plantations, orchards, corn fields and cherry plantations.

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Here the KIWI in action